From Scratch Pumpkin and Apple Pies

It’s that time of year again!

Annual Apple and Pumpkin Pie Fundraiser that takes place every November at Asheville Middle School is important for the students for a couple of different reasons. First, the students get some experience with community service and secondly, they learn that “pumpkin doesn’t come from a can.”

On the week of the fundraiser, one can walk into the front doors of Asheville Middle and smell the pies baking from all the way down the hallway in Sara Monson’s classroom. Undoubtedly, if you visit the class you will find a room full of apron-clad middle schoolers reading recipes and measuring out baking ingredients, or learning about how to wash and cut pumpkins or apples.

The FEAST students aren’t just learning to use measuring cups, though. The students at the pumpkin station stare wide-eyed as we show them how to cut the pumpkin for baking. Never fear, though, as these students have completed their unit on kitchen sanitation and safety. At the beginning of the year, the students learn all of the essential information about food safety, sanitation, and knife safety that they need to be fantastic young chefs.