Feasting for FEAST update

Dear FEAST friends, supporters and volunteers-

Feasting for FEAST has served as the largest fundraising event for our programs since the event was launched as an Asheville Affiliates supported fundraiser in 2011.  Countless hours of volunteer work, donations, sponsorship and community support have been poured into this effort for 7 very successful events.  Our event planning committee has made the decision not to host an 8th annual event during the fall of 2018 due to the amount of volunteer work this event requires.

The FEAST staff is very busy getting classes under way for our school based programs during this time of year and we are unable to designate staff time to event planning. Our focus needs to remain on our mission of empowering youth to grow, prepare and enjoy fruits and vegetables!

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to let us know how much you love this event and to ask how you can continue helping us in our mission.  Please feel free to make a donation to support our programs or contact me if you are interested in becoming a part of our event planning committee for future events.

Kate Justen, Director of Youth Programs for Bountiful Cities

828-242-5919 or email feast.avl@gmail.com