Asheville Middle School

Knives, stoves, middle schoolers… Oh my!

FEAST on Friday

Since 2009, FEAST has partnered with Asheville Middle School teacher Sara Monson to provide monthly cooking classes with her students.

The first Friday of the month we work with 6 classes to make great, fresh seasonal foods while learning kitchen and food safety, healthier ways to cook and incorporating NC state curriculum.

Every fall we do our “From scratch apple and pumpkin pie fundraiser”. The students spend 2 days creating and selling 50 delicious pies the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.

In Real Life

What could be better that using all of the math, science and reading you are learning in school in your real life. Well cooking is the perfect place to make this happen.

FEAST has been providing cooking classes with the In Real Life after school program at Asheville Middle School since the program began.  Class size 16 Р20 students each session, sessions are 8 Р12 weeks in length.

The Fun FEAST classes focus on cooking with what you have available to make creative meals with fresh produce. We begin by learning to follow a recipe, then move to altering recipes and finally cooking without a recipe or creating our own recipes.

*Background checks are required of all volunteers 3-5 business days prior to student contact.*