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FEAST empowers youth and families to grow, prepare and enjoy fruits and vegetables through hands on cooking and garden education.

Student Testimonials

“ I know these vegetables would taste really good if I liked all of these things. And I’ve realized that my taste buds need to taste things like ten times before I start to like them. So maybe if I start trying food during FEAST class, I will start to like more food.” - Aidan 4th grade Vance Elementary
"It is really easy to make fresh, healthy food on a low budget." - Mathew 7th grade Asheville Middle School

Vance Elementary winter cooking classes

Vance Elementary winter cooking classes

3rd graders following a recipe to make Thai Sunbutter Sauce with fresh vegetables.

Vance Elementary corn harvest

Vance Elementary corn harvest

Students grew, cared for, and harvested corn which they made into tortillas for a community dinner.

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FEAST News and Events

Sprouting Grass for Brother Wolf’s Bunnies – A Community Service Project

Grass.. Grass… Geeer-ass! A funny yet essential word that sounds weird to say out loud. With the word echoing in my mind, I imagine uniformed green fields of long and slender blades, bursting with chlorophyll and energy. So, what exactly is grass? “Great question” responds F.E.A.S.T teacher, Summer Wheldon, who devotes her day at Hall Fletcher Elementary School answering these types of philosophical questions for her energetic, young […]

Community Harvest Day at 5th Season Gardening Co.

Community support makes it possible for us to help kids to see the importance of the work they are doing every day in the classroom.  All of the knowledge and the skills they learn during these core academic times directly relate to the work we do at FEAST; we connect class work to cooking, gardening, exploring our […]

Creative Cooking at Vance Elementary

Do you ever wondering what happens in our cooking classes?  Check out our latest Facebook post and see all of the super cool cooking projects Jordan did last week at Vance Elementary!  Students engaged with veggies in so many fun ways! We looked inside a tomato, turned veggies into monsters then ate them, turned zucchini into noodles, […]

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