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FEAST, a Program of Bountiful Cities, empowers youth and families to grow, prepare and enjoy fruits and vegetables through hands on cooking and garden education.

Student Testimonials

“ I know these vegetables would taste really good if I liked all of these things. And I’ve realized that my taste buds need to taste things like ten times before I start to like them. So maybe if I start trying food during FEAST class, I will start to like more food.” - Aidan 4th grade Vance Elementary
"It is really easy to make fresh, healthy food on a low budget." - Mathew 7th grade Asheville Middle School

Vance Elementary winter cooking classes

Vance Elementary winter cooking classes

3rd graders following a recipe to make Thai Sunbutter Sauce with fresh vegetables.

Vance Elementary corn harvest

Vance Elementary corn harvest

Students grew, cared for, and harvested corn which they made into tortillas for a community dinner.

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FEAST News and Events

Dining at Chai Pani on 9/26

Let Chai Pani cook dinner for you and support cooking and garden education in our community. 10% of proceeds from dinner sales on September 26th will be donated to our programs.    

Feasting for FEAST update

Dear FEAST friends, supporters and volunteers- Feasting for FEAST has served as the largest fundraising event for our programs since the event was launched as an Asheville Affiliates supported fundraiser in 2011.  Countless hours of volunteer work, donations, sponsorship and community support have been poured into this effort for 7 very successful events.  Our event […]

FEAST in the Sunny Point Garden

Please join Bountiful Cities, Sunny Point Cafe, and Riverbend Malt House for an evening of delicious food to benefit FEAST programs.  The $50 ticket price includes a dinner buffet with locally raised pork dishes, farm fresh sides, desserts and a selection of beverages all served in the beautiful Sunny Point Garden! In the event of […]

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